Ni hau – Hello

„Hello! How are you?“

This suddenly came back when I greeted with:“Ni hau“


I was surprised.  „Alice“ is her name in the english class. She didn’t tell me her chinese name. She worked once in the reception of a hotel in Ningbo. But in the moment she is a teacher „for little kids“. I was so perplex. I couldn’t believe that I got an answer. But it became better. I had talked to Juliane the day before about connections to Chinese. And they told me that it would need a long time to come into contact. And here is somebody talking to me. Bad englisch. Only some phrases – but a start.

„What are you doing? Do you have time? I show you around!“

And so we went. I am normally the person who runs. But now I had to run. She was fast!!!! And the whole time she spoke chinese. She repeated sentences till she found the basic english words. And then something like english come out of her. It was funny how we talked.

And she was running! The whole time! Running! Running! Fast! My onliest thought was : ‚O.K. I will anywhere find a taxi what brings me back!“ And I tried to catch up with her. And I did! Mostly!

We went through backstreets, laughed and tried to talk. „She doesn’t like men. She is round-ish 30. And ….runs“

I tried not totally to loose the orientation. The skyscrapers are all relatively different so I didn’t get totally lost. And suddenly we were at the Museum of Ningbo. She wanted show me the Museum.



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