Ningbo, China

This time I travel far away for the house sitting. I go to China. Since I can remember I wanted visit China. Not just a booked tour where somebody tells me where to go, what to eat and what to see. I really wanted time to sit somewhere, eat what I find and talk to people. So, when Bruno and Marie-Claire asked whether I would come for just a week and look after their two dogs and the apartment I agreed immediately. Also when it is a big expense for just one week. So I choose to extend my stay for 3 days on the way back to New Zealand. I booked a hotel in Guangzhou.

I soon found the airline. I only had to change the plane once. The first step brought me to Guangzhou, the former Kanton. After 2 hours I would take another plane to Ningbo,the destination to stay for the housesitting. There were already house sitters who gave me a short advice about important things and then I was alone. „Lost in China“? Oh, for the first day I really felt lost. Nothing I could read, I could understand or ask. So I stayed together with the dogs in the compound.Dogs? Here are my guides:






Both dogs are „rescued streetdogs“. They live now together with Bruno and Marie-Claire.

My dreams and thoughts about China were influenced by novels from Pearl S.Buck. She was the daughter of missionaries in China. Pearl S. Buck wrote a lot, got a Nobel Price for her books. And I read a lot of them. I id know that China has changed totally since she lived here. But I wanted see whether I could find something of her books.


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