Ningbo museum


We arrived after a long, fast !!!!! run at the museum. And I must say I was impressed! In front of the museum they had a display in english. The museum was built by a star architekt. He used a lot of concrete for the building – like he would be a Swiss! – but he mixed it with a lot of found clay brick and other authentic materials from the area. So alone the outside of the building is worth to see.


After a short break – it is here now really spring and we had both in the wrong outfit – we entered the museum. The entry was free, but we had to take a ticket! A guardian watched that we really took one. Inside we saw first some places where the visitors – mainly the kids – could do different things.


First we entered the section for artifacts out of the past here around Ningbo. They were nicely displayed but the context was only in chinese. But they had a lot of models prepared. So the lack of chinese wasn’t too bad.


Then we went further! And…..?


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