The compound

A few times a day I walk the dogs through the compound. When I arrived we had hardly 6-8 degrees. But in the meantime spring arrived. In the afternoon we have now 20 – 24 degrees! So over night the bushes started to bud. Camelias and other flowers are out. And the dogs have a lot to run. They „find“ messages everywhere. You find a lot of small places to spend time. Mostly grandma’s and grandpa’s are out with the kid’s during the day. Most time the look astonished when I great them with a friendly „Ni hau“. But today I had a longer talk with a chinese women. She spoke well english. She lived for some years in Poland and Belgium.


The rubbish will be picked up very often during day. The rubbish truck plays a fine melody.


The playground is onliest place where dogs are forbidden. Nobody picks the sh….. of the dogs!


That is already the next compound. The entry to a compound is secured. You can only enter with an electronic key. The same for the house and the apartment.


Every night – and also sometimes during the day – are fireworks in the compound. It is a strange feeling when the rockets explode on the height of your window or just under the window. And it is crazy at what times they do the firework sometimes at 3 or 4 in the morning.


The car’s are parked in the underground.



Along an artificial river are some lovely places to sit and spend time. Must be wonderful in the summer. But also now families have a picnic here!






My little guides!

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