The town

After two days in and around the compound I had the luck to met Juliane. Juliane works also in Ningbo like Bruno and Marie-Claire. All three work for the university of Nottingham. Juliane is German and lives here since 5 years. She and her friend gave me a tour through Ningbo including an evening meal.

Ningbo is a town with a population of round 3 -4 Mio. Normally extreme busy and full of people. But now it is chinese New Year. I was happy when I heard this. I was expecting a lot of traditional things going on. But Ningbo is not more a traditional town. The people leave the town and go home. Where ever „home“ is. China has a law what says that kids have to look after their parents and have to visit them once a month! Most shops are closed. Hardly a restaurant is open. And the town is empty. The positive thing of this is : I can see blue sky and also the mountains in the distance. A really rare thing, they told me.

If you think about New York without people then you know how Ningbo looks in the moment. WIde streets, places and parks and hardly anybody.



If you ever go on your own to China have good shoes! I think we walked from 3 pm till 8 pm. But it was worth every minute! Thank you on this way again to Juliane!

At the end of our tour we had dinner together. Because the chines restaurants were all closed we ended in an indian restaurant where we found a spicy delicious meal. The surprise at the end was that the restaurant offered a free car drive home to our place.

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