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The first coral is framed!

After a long time I did something different. No quilting, no patchwork.


Freehand machine embroidery


This Sea Star Coral is freehand machine embroidered.



2011 I was with my partner for 9 months sailing in the Pacific Ocean between New Zealand and Australia. We visited Fiji, Vanuatu, The Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea before we reached Australia. We cruised the Australian coast and then returned home via Lord Howe Island.

On this trip we snorkeled nearly daily and with an underwater camera I took lots of photos. Now I start to reflect on some of the pictures I collected.

another quilt is ready

This applique was a challenge. The customer had the ready quilt top sitting on a shelf for nearly 2 years. So already some parts were faded. The sun in New Zealand is not very polite to the fabric. And she also had hardly enough fabric for the backing. At the end I had just 2cm fabric left over. But the result of the quilting made the customer very happy.


For the side border I choose a floral design


For the geometric design I choose a continous line quilting



The design for the background is a McTavishing.






2nd day

Yesterday I took the machine home to the hotel from the classroom. Ending at 4pm was to early for anything: food, sleep and too late for going to the beach. And my head was still full of ideas. So I sat down in the hotel room and sew for another 2 hous. And the same this morning. I hope the rooms are well insulated, so that the neighbours could still sleep.


The day in the class was then busy with sewing. Could finish quite a lot of my designs. Twice today I had to change the needle in the machine. It is really needle consuming to sew on watersoluable fabric.

But I have to say ;Iam happy with the result. The progress in the afternoon was really remarkble. I am happy how the sewing came out. After putting yesterday the embroidery in resene, we mounted today the disolved embroidery for framing. After the mounting the picture is really fragile. So I only looked how to do it and will do it, when I am backk in NZ.


Now it is early enough to sew a little bit more in the hotel room. I really have to try something special.

See you tomorrow!