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The market

On the way home from the museum I found accidentally a market. But because I wanted home to the dogs I returned another time. The merchants wanted all sell something to me. But I didn’t want. My only thoughts were: „Would I buy here if I live here?“ and the answer would be:“Yes“. But very cautious! One step at a time!


The compound

A few times a day I walk the dogs through the compound. When I arrived we had hardly 6-8 degrees. But in the meantime spring arrived. In the afternoon we have now 20 – 24 degrees! So over night the bushes started to bud. Camelias and other flowers are out. And the dogs have a lot to run. They „find“ messages everywhere. You find a lot of small places to spend time. Mostly grandma’s and grandpa’s are out with the kid’s during the day. Most time the look astonished when I great them with a friendly „Ni hau“. But today I had a longer talk with a chinese women. She spoke well english. She lived for some years in Poland and Belgium.


Ningbo museum


We arrived after a long, fast !!!!! run at the museum. And I must say I was impressed! In front of the museum they had a display in english. The museum was built by a star architekt. He used a lot of concrete for the building – like he would be a Swiss! – but he mixed it with a lot of found clay brick and other authentic materials from the area. So alone the outside of the building is worth to see.