Header Image - Heike Schaefer

Town at sea

















own hand dyed cotton fabric

commercial cotton fabric

quilted on an APQS Logarm Machine


The houses are freehand cutted and individual pieced. The fabric for the houses is hand dyed.

The design for the water is freehand worked. The design for the sky is „McTavishing“.

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Town at the sea
















96cm x 136cm

hand dyed cotton, commercial cotton

freemotion quilted on a Longarm Machine


I lived a long time along the baltic sea in a small viallage in Germany. Some houses stood direct at the harbour.

The houses in the quilt are free cutted. There is no template behind them. That makes them all individual. The fabric for the houses I hand dyed myself. To cut and sew without a template makes the work very authentic. Also the quilting is done freehand.