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And now the reason for being in Australia.


I booked a workshop at Meredith Woolnough in Newcastle.


I already did a lot of work with watersoluable material. But here work is really exciting. So I thought it was time to get new experience. I am also interested in working with resene and how she mouys the embroidery to the background. I’ll take hopefully a lot of photos.


See you this evening!


There I am in Australia, pay for the airfaire, pay for the hotel, a rental car – and then spend most of the day in the hotelbathroom with a bac.

Australia – I come!

Early this morning I took the plane to Sydney. From there I drove in the direction to Newcastle.

But before I left Sydney I had to go to IKEA in Sydney. After more than two years without IKEA a must. And for shure I needed the meatballs. And also for shure –  I had to buy a few things. I needed them – very urgent. But I was disappointed with the possibility to buy fabric. While I lived in Europe there was every time a fabric I had to have. And this time absolut no fabric for patchwork. Nothing. All fabrics were to thick or only lace. Nothing for me! Sad! And the price for the chocolade was unbeliveble. 9 AUS dollars! No!!!!!!!

From there I drove in the direction to Newcastle. Leaving Sydney I passed the Harbour Bridge. The opera house was shining in the sun. And then I passed through Newtown – a part of Sydney. I’ll have another time a walk through there. It looked fascinating. But Newcastle was calling.

The motorway was full. My GPS called all 100m an alarm: speed camera! And behind me the trucks were yelling: Too slow! So, after round half an hour, I left the motorway and went on the „touristic route“. Well I had a GPS I trusted. I didn’t know where I drow. But it was a fascinating drive through the countryside. It was very similar to the countryside in parts of America.  The distance between Sydney and Newcastle is only around 150km. But I needed till to the evening before I arrived here. In Newcastle I was again happy to have my GPS. It did know where I found my hotel! Thanks GPS! You are a good friend!

After sorting all out, I went for a short walk and found a superb Thai restaurant. Had a very hot yellow curry. Don’t know whether I try there something hotter. This yellow curry let me already swet!

So, I hear your question: Why the hell do you wish to be in Newcastle? Sorry, you have to wait till tomorrow! Then I tell you more!


new quilt on the machine

A new quilt on the machine – still exciting!


I wanted a quilt with different freemotion border designs. So I decided to sew a simple bar design – like an amish bars. But in bright colors. And now I can play with different designs – free motion