Header Image - Heike Schaefer

Back in the studio

After a long trip through Europe – nearly 7 months – I am back in the studio.


A great feeling to be there while the sun is shining and the birds are singing. I can let the door open and feel like still on holiday



We are going to the Netherland! It was not planned, but the weather forecast told there it would be warm! Let’s hope.


But before we go to the Netherlands, we have to see that our fridge will be repaired. From the beginning on the fridge didn’t work. The repair can only be done in the factory.

We are now traveling to the Netherlands. We just want to go over the border and spend the night there. We find a place direct at a small canal and love it. A free camping at the canal!




The next morning brings a bad surprise: The temperature over night dropped to minus degrees. And then the safety button of the water opened and all our water run out! We are happy to have a safety amount of 6 bottles. Enough for the tea in the morning. But that is it. We have now to search for a tank filling.







No! D├╝sseldorf is not really warmer than the North of Germany. But we have a shower, a well cooked meal and long talks with the family.

And before we leave we make appointments for our return on mother’s day. We will then met my aunts and all together we will have a great family meal together.